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Can I Watch Videos While Working Out?

Can I Watch Videos While Working Out?

The effects of filling dead time on my digital detox

I am 17 km behind on project 7020 (I want to cover the distance between the US and Germany in 2 years) and plan to make up for that today. There is a storm going on, so I am sitting on a bicycle in the gym.

I‘ll be here for 45 minutes, and because I just started a digital detox, there is nothing for me to do. I am sitting in an empty gym pedalling against a dark blue wall and wonder whether I’d be really that bad to watch a video on my phone.

Two weeks ago, I sat here watching Clarkson‘s Farm, and by the end of the episode, I reached my daily goal - now I am barely 10 minutes into my workout and dread it. And to reach my goal, I’ll have to do this every day.

Getting out my phone and watching a video would mean going back to old habits - to the version of myself that consumes content rather than creates it. My mind doesn’t care whether I am on the stepper or the couch but will get used to consuming content. I just found out that, to reach my dreams, I have to change my relationship with the digital world, and I will not make an excuse on day 3.

My task is to find a meaningful activity to fill this now empty time. Tomorrow, I will bring a book and maybe write another short article. After all, I wrote all of this during the time I’d usually waste on consuming content.

Imagine I’d be able to write a short article like this every day. #stepperthoughts?