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Jasper.ai Review

Jasper.ai Review
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What it is and 7 reasons why I don't like it

Researching a perfect digital productivity setup for my newsletter led to tons of targeted ads for to-do lists, project management tools, or "revolutionary" helpers on my Instagram feed. Usually, I skip over them, but one managed to grab my attention: jasper.ai (formerly jarvis.ai but I guess they didn't have the rights for that name). Jasper promises to generate SEO-optimised content for websites, blogs, ads, or even books through artificial intelligence. I am sceptical about tools like this and would hate them replacing the art of writing, yet I am intrigued by the possibilities of the digital world, and my curiosity made me sign up for the free trial.

How Jasper works

/* Text by Jasper‌‌Artificial intelligence is a process where a computer system is taught how to do things that normally would require human intelligence, such as understanding natural language and recognizing objects. This is done through a process of teaching the computer system how to learn, using algorithms that mimic the workings of the human brain.

There are different approaches to artificial intelligence, but most involve giving the computer system access to large amounts of data so it can "learn" from experience. One popular approach is machine learning, which involves teaching the computer system how to recognize patterns in data, and then using these patterns to make predictions or decisions. Another approach is deep learning, which uses artificial neural networks (similar to the neurons in the human brain) to learn.‌‌*/

After apparently having crawled through 10% of the internet (that would be 7.4 zettabytes of data, i. e. 7.4 billion terabytes), this bot can write original content on any topic. I just have to define a theme, and Jasper comes up with content.

The appealing part is the increased output because while I spent 15 minutes writing the introduction, I filled the second paragraph in less than a minute. Jasper also knows how Google reads through my blog, and this second paragraph will probably be more beneficial for my page's ranking than the first one.

Want to start a blog on fly fishing?

/* Text by Jasper‌‌Fly fishing can be a daunting sport to learn. There are so many different techniques and pieces of gear that it can be hard to know where to start. In this article, we will provide a basic introduction to fly fishing for beginners. We will cover the history of the sport, the different types of flies and tackle used, and the basic techniques for casting and catching fish. We will also introduce you to some of the necessary gear for fly fishing, including rods, reels, lines, and flies.‌‌*/

7 Reasons why I don't like Jasper

By now, I have spent around an hour playing around in Jasper, and while I was very impressed at first, I soon found things I didn't like:

  1. The moral question‌‌
    I didn't write those paragraphs, yet it seems to be my experiences and opinions. Jasper writes in a way that suggests that a human is writing and communicating his views, and while I cannot see the person behind a text on the internet, I think it is wrong to generate those texts by a bot. I should write all content on my blog.
  2. Fact-checking‌‌
    Sometimes, Jasper's just wrong and the text it produces contains false information, written like facts. When using Jasper, I'd have to fact-check everything it has written, and I doubt everyone using Jasper (or even the majority) is doing so.
  3. Storytelling‌‌
    Great content is about telling a story, and Jasper cannot do so. It is just re-arranging existing text snippets without the ability to communicate a message behind the text.
  4. Quality > Quantity‌‌
    Jasper focuses on creating as much keyword-optimised content as possible. Great writing is about telling a compelling story in as few words as possible.
  5. Becoming a better writer‌‌
    Eliminating unnecessary words is the first step on the path to becoming a better writer; a path I want to take. I have to practice to improve my skills, which means writing content myself.
  6. Dull & Repetitive
    My teacher in high school taught me not to write empty text - not to write about what I am going to write about later, and to fill every sentence with meaning for the whole paper. Jasper creates content for the sake of content, not the story, and I can tell that the text is meant to be read by Google. I don't enjoy reading Jasper's writing because it uses many words to convey little information. Though, a lot of content, even when written by humans, seems like this.
  7. Character‌‌
    Everyone has a unique style of writing which gives the text character. Writing is about a specific person (me in the case of my blog) telling a story, and that person's character is one of the unique selling points that sets the blog apart from all the others.

Putting it to an extreme, Jasper is everything I hate about the internet's development; unnecessary, low-quality, and low-effort content written by a bot to be read by another bot to rank higher on Google, not to provide accurate information. There is enough content on any topic already, and the focus should lay on telling original stories with good writing (using as few words as possible).


By Jasper

/* Text by Jasper‌‌This is a review of jasper.ai. I will talk about how it works and whether or not it is good.

First of all, jasper.ai is a productivity tool that helps you to get things done. It does this by providing you with a to-do list and then helping you to track your progress on that list. It also has some other features, such as the ability to set deadlines and reminders, which can be really helpful in staying on top of things.

Overall, I think that jasper.ai is a really great tool. It's helped me to stay organized and on track, which has resulted in increased productivity. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get more done.‌‌*/

By Me

Jasper's review highlights my concerns quite nicely: The information is wrong (even though it is writing about itself), it pretends to be a personal opinion followed by a suggestion, and the text is already repeating itself within two paragraphs.

There will be blogs written and managed 100% by AI, which will reach their goal of attracting readers, yet I don't think they'll be the future of the internet. People don't want to spend their time reading repetitive, bot-written content, and well-told stories will win. It is not about getting people on your website initially but about keeping them there - and that can only be done through quality.

The focus on SEO not only leads to dull content I don't want to read but also to that kind of content being the only thing I find on Google. It is the reason I use Google less and search for my information directly on Wikipedia or look for opinions on my hobbies directly in specialised forums.