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Idea #2 πŸ’‘ Pocket Mechanic

Idea #2 πŸ’‘ Pocket Mechanic

From: The Weekly Idea Newsletter

Why do planes and trains travel for years without the need to be replaced? Constant maintenance. Because they are maintained by engineers who don't wait for parts to break but know about common flaws, check for signs of wear, and prevent future damage. If I'd do the same with my new car, keeping up with necessary maintenance and checking for known breaking points, I can improve the expected lifetime.

How about an app that acts like a little mechanic in my pocket, reminding me to do maintenance and knowing about common flaws of the car I own?

A few ideas

  • Name: Pocket Mechanic
  • Lectures on car maintenance and how a car works
  • Deals with repair shops to schedule tasks (like oil changes) directly through the app
  • Don't know how to organize an oil change, when to rotate the tires etc.? Don't worry, the app will take care of everything.
  • Certified log of done work - improvement of resale value
  • Create a profile for your car and connect with people owning the same one
  • Log and share problems you have with your car
  • The app can analyse the logged problems, create profiles for the different cars, and collaborate with the manufacturers to offer insights.

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As always, feel free to turn any of my ideas into reality. Just be sure to give me a shout-out and update me on your progress.

Good Luck!