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Idea #1 πŸ’‘ The T-Shirt Shop

Idea #1 πŸ’‘ The T-Shirt Shop
Photo by Cristofer Maximilian / Unsplash

From: The Weekly Idea

The first business idea I remember having, and my family still mentions buying t-shirts from me because of it. It is only suiting to start my list with this evergreen.

Having an idea doesn't mean inventing something new.

Everyone wears t-shirts, and a shop can be set up within 20 minutes, which makes this one of the easiest businesses to set up. As a result, there is a lot of competition. I cannot simply set up a shop, "design" a few shirts with pictures I took during holidays, put out a Facebook ad, and expect to make a profit. There are no shortcuts to success, which is particularly true for the apparel industry.

I believe there are two options to run a successful t-shirt store:

  1. Being the designer
    By making the brand about myself and my designs, I can set myself apart from the masses. This model is suited for everyone having a genuine interest and talent in art, design, or fashion ... so not me.
  2. Having a USP
    I need something that sets me apart. Something that stands out and makes my t-shirts different from the rest.

Possible USPs

  • The Soulmate
    The original plan I had during a family trip to Tenerife: t-shirts with little symbols in their design. Each symbol exists only a few times, and you can win a prize when you find someone wearing the same one.
  • The Niche
    The classic idea to stand apart: 100% focus on a niche and its interests. For me, this could be analogue photography, watches, Counter-Strike, Civilization, or soccer.
  • The Best T-Shirt in the World
    Inspired by Matt D'Avella, I started to reduce my wardrobe. Trying to decide on one brand for my t-shirts was challenging because none fulfilled all my desires: high quality, great fit, and sustainability. Wouldn't it be great to build a store that focuses on producing the best t-shirt in the world?

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As always, feel free to turn any of my ideas into reality. Just be sure to give me a shout-out and update me on your progress.

Good Luck!