🚴‍♂️ Move 7020 Kilometers

🚴‍♂️ Move 7020 Kilometers

From 30 goals before 30

Because I accidentally fell in love with a girl from the USA, I now live 7020 km (4363 miles) away from my hometown. When I sat down to plan my 30 goals before 30, I wanted to include a significant physical challenge - so I decided to move the equivalent of this distance by walking, running, and biking.

Profesional planning of my route

7020 km in 2 years means I have to do 10 km every day - a challenging task, but (if I am consistent) a possible one. This will be the journal on my progress, and I will post monthly updates in my newsletter.



Moving 7020 km 🏃 1st Month Update
The Goal: Move 7020 km From: 30 before 30 >> 310 km done << One month ago, I started on a two-year-long challenge to move the distance between the town I live and my hometown, and in this time, I already learned two fundamental lessons: It is doableI
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Projekt 7020 - January Update
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April update and 5 more things I learned Projekt 7020 from 30 before 30 After my parents visited me for two weeks and a little caught, I was 200km behind my target and decided to catch up during the last weeks. I spend hours on my gym’s workout bike. Because