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The power of not doing something and why I have to reduce my number of projects

My goals are far away, and I start doubting whether I‘ll ever reach them. This blog is about turning my ideas into reality, yet I still haven’t made any significant steps. I plan projects, start multiple things, and then they all fade into nothing.

Today, I want to address one of my biggest weaknesses: Focus.

Following this mindset, I jump between ideas without giving them the chance to grow. I start, find a name, set up a website, and then brainstorm the next one. I now work on seven different things  - which is at least five too many.

If I’d focus on only one project instead, I could make it a reality. Trying ten times means to 100% work on one thing ten times in a row, not working on ten things simultaneously. The tricky part: saying no to ideas I am in love with.

Am I an Entrepreneur or a Storyteller?

To move in the right direction, I have to answer a fundamental question: do I want to become a businessman or an influencer? I will document how I start companies and put my ideas into action, but is the business or the story more important? If I only have 30 minutes in a day, do I write an article for my blog and interact on Twitter or improve the customer experience on my website?

  • Being an entrepreneur means focussing on building a business
  • If I choose to be a storyteller, I have to produce daily, high-quality content, write articles and interact on social media

Thinking about this for a few seconds, I came to a clear result. I am annoyed by the mass production of content, the begging for followers and likes, and the feeling that my followers are more interested in me following them back than my content. I want people to join my journey because they are interested in what I am doing and get value from reading my thoughts. I tried to establish a continuous content output a few times, queuing posts in buffer and promoting them on different sites, and I hated it. It took the fun out of my favourite hobby.

I am an entrepreneur first, focussing on turning my ideas into reality, and a storyteller, documenting my journey on the side. This way, I think, I can build an authentic follower base of people interested in my topics.

The Projects

Paradoxically, having multiple projects reduces my overall output. I am overwhelmed with the number of tasks I’ll never be able to finish, jump between ideas when I get stuck, and am likely to not work on anything at all and turn on Counter-Strike instead. What difference does it make if my ToDo list stays full, and I cannot see any real progress anyways?

(But what about the vision of a startup portfolio?)

The modern solo entrepreneur does not build one business but has a portfolio of hustles and income streams. This concept still convinces me, and it will be my future goal to build up a portfolio like this. But like I said, I have to do it one step at a time, not everything at once.

(So am I not allowed to work on anything else?)

I will allow myself to work on one (not multiple) extra project to relax (and only to relax after I am exhausted from my primary focus). This way, I have something meaningful to do when I want to get my mind off StoryTags.


For over a decade, jumping between multiple ideas ultimately led to none of them becoming a reality. If I start being mindful about my focus and prioritising one project, I might actually be able to turn it into a reality. And that is what I will do now.

And you can follow this journey. Once a month, I will write a short update on my progress.