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Photo by Sebastian Pena Lambarri / Unsplash

A Pokédex for fish
From: My Idea List

When playing Pokémon, I loved to fill my Pokédex and often spent hours searching through specific areas to find the ones I was still missing. I liked the mindset of collecting and was interested in how every Pokémon had a bit of background information.

Recently, I developed a slight interest in fishing, and while I don't even own a fishing rod yet, I have already looked up the fish around me. That's when I had an idea: wouldn't it be great to have an index of all the fish I can catch in the world that I can fill out along my journey? That I can search for fish like I used to search for Pokémon?

It could be an app on my phone that, like the Pokédex, that shows a lot of blank spaces, and as soon as I catch a fish and rerelease it, I can fill out this space.

Idea Dump

  • Each entry is connected to a diary, and I can log when and where I caught the fish.
  • The fish have a specific order and number.
  • Cooperation with supermarkets or restaurants: buy the fish you already caught once.
  • Cooperation with fishing gear suppliers: use this bait to catch that fish.
  • Offer tutorials for beginners.
  • Path to your first fish: an introduction course that leads to catching your first fish.
  • Gamification