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My Big Fear

My Big Fear
Time's running fast - one day you roam the ocean and the other you hang in a musem

I left my hometown, family, and friends behind to move to a different country with the girl I love. The decision makes me very excited because it gives me the opportunity for a life full of adventure, but it also comes with a big fear:

  • What if I don't manage to reach my dreams? If I get stuck 7020 km away from my parents without the time and money to visit them?
  • What if I wake up one day as an old man and realise that I missed out on time with my family and wasted my life at a place that is not home?

It is this fear that motivates me to work towards my dreams and make them become a reality. I am at the point where I can decide whether my dreams or my fears become a reality. If I put in hours of hard work and do not waste my time, I am heading towards an incredible future.

If you want to see how this goes, you can follow my journey: