A picture of the beach. Taken on Juist, the most beautiful island in the world. Congratiulations on finding the name!
My favourite place on earth

Who am I, and what is this website?

I always had big ideas for startups, movies, or YouTube channels, but for over a decade, none of these ideas ever became a reality. Something has changed now: I married a girl from the USA and moved with her - 7021km away from my family, friends, and the places I love.

My ideas could be the key to reaching my dream life, and I want to figure out how to turn them into a reality.

 My fearβ€Œβ€Œ
That I see other people living my dream while I am just consuming their lives far away from my home - that I will wake up one day and consider my life wasted because it is too late to reach my goals, and I missed out on spending time with my family.

 My dreamβ€Œβ€Œ
I want to travel back and forth between my family and the USA while working on my ideas. It is the dream of becoming a digital nomad whose ideas support his lifestyle.

What steps do I have to take to fill my life with meaning, and what is holding me back?

That's what I'm trying to figure out. And I'll share everything I find out.

I know my dream is possible because I see other people living it - and why shouldn't I be one of them?

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