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A Rare Earth

A Rare Earth
Photo by NASA / Unsplash

Aka. collect the world
From: My Idea List

I like to collect things and am very interested in investing. I also like alternative investments like rare bottles of whisky and would love to collect old cars if I had the money. While brainstorming a project, I had the idea for a business that focuses on the administration of rare items in the world.

Version A: Collecting

I love collecting, and wouldn't it be amazing to collect the world? My company could offer rare items from all over the globe (sand from the Sahara, water from the Atlantic, or a rock from mount Vesuv) and offer them for sale (paying attention to only using things I am allowed to sell). The objects come in beautiful containers, and customers can display parts of the world (maybe the ones they have been to) on their shelves.

What about a collection of the most iconic elements from every state? When I have been to a state, I buy the according item and display it at my home.

Version B: Investing

A company that sells certificates, not for oil or other commodities but rare things. The company owns those things, e. g. an old Mercedes, and gives the customer the option to buy parts of it. When the car increases in value, the certificates increase and can be sold to the next person.

I could use NFT-technique to make unique tokens for the owners of a share, but I could also have a regular database administrated by the company. There is no need for decentralization in this project.