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1 Roll of Film - Sölden 🇦🇹

1 Roll of Film - Sölden 🇦🇹
My favourite picture of the day: the Giggijoch lift

Camera: Hasselblad 501c
Film: Fuji Velvia 50
From: Exploring the world 1 roll at a time

In the winter of 2018, my family, I, and my favourite camera stayed at a hotel in Hochsölden, a tiny ski-village in the Austrian alps, which are, in my eyes, one of the most beautiful places on earth. The stage was set for a fantastic photo trip, which later turned out to become the most dangerous roll of film I have ever shot (considering none of my previous rolls was any dangerous at all).

While sitting on the terrace of our hotel, I engaged in the relaxing activity of loading film into the camera. The Hasselblad, a medium format camera, takes rolls of 120 film, which means I can only take 12 images per roll.  I chose Fujifilm Velvia 50, a colour reversal film that produces stunningly vibrant colours - perfect for the deep blue skies of the alps. (Ken Rockwell wrote a great review about this film)

I decided to use two of my shots right away to capture the beautiful view from the spot I was sitting at to remember that moment.

The next day, after having some Birchermüesli for breakfast, my brother and I put on our warm ski clothes, carried our skis to the edge of the first slope, and took off to explore this ski area. I didn't bring my ski poles today because the challenge of carrying a Hasselblad with thick winter gloves was enough.

The first step was to take a lift up the mountain, which allowed me to take my first picture of the day.

Into the mountain

Looking down a Hasselblad's viewfinder is a magical experience, which becomes even better if the image you see reflected on the large focusing screen is a panorama of the alps.

So why was this roll of film my most dangerous yet? If you have never seen a Hasselblad 501c, imagine a brick with a lens in the front, and you are already pretty close. This camera is square, big, heavy, and the most beautiful piece of photo equipment I have ever owned. It is part of the iconic 500 series (the 500cm being the most popular out of the family), and some versions of this camera even made it to the moon.

I would never suggest anyone ski while carrying and heavy or bulky objects around. I nearly broke a rib once when I fell on an old Nokia phone I had in my breast pocket. When you fall, it happens fast, and you don't have time to plan how you'll hit the ground. That is why I sky with a helmet, lots of protectors, and without any backpacks.

Carrying a Hasselblad in front of my chest was not a smart idea, and I won't do it again (my next snow trip will be a hike). I fully prepared myself to just throw the camera far away into the snow at any moment.

In the afternoon, we decided to take the cable that took us up the 3056 meters high Gaislachkogl. We used the time in the cart to re-apply some sunscreen to the face, and at the top station, I had the opportunity to take another amazing picture.

You might know this location: The Hoffler Clinic, where James Bond met Madeleine Swann for the first time in the movie Spectre. Madeleine definitely chose a nice place to work, and the view from the top of the mountain allowed for some more stunning pictures.

At the end of the day, our skis are drying in the sun, losing the leftover powder that got stuck in the bindings. My brother and I, exhausted from a long day of skiing, enjoying the sun with the best sports drink in the world: an alcohol-free wheat beer.

Thank you for joining me again on one of my adventures. This was a truly fantastic day; I loved the atmosphere, the activity, and the camera I was carrying. I shared all 12 pictures I took that day, and I like them all, which is very rare.

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